Marianne Rubi

Multiple winner

In 2004, we, a party-loving group from the Gündlischwand Ski Club, had the spontaneous idea of registering for the Allalin Races. We fell victim to the numerous après-ski offers on Thursday after the inspection and this continued until the party climax on Saturday after the ranking announcement in the marquee. Accordingly, the results were modest. However, we were so impressed by the event and the course that we came back again. I have traveled to Saas Fee for the Allalin races a total of 16 times. It wasn't always possible to hold the event as planned. But each time it was a memorable weekend for me.

After initially focusing on the party, I then realized that it would be worth going to bed early before the races and only celebrating the party on Saturday. As a result, I was able to set the fastest time of the day 6 times. The last time was in 2018, now 36 years old and a mother of two. This last big victory filled me with pride. With my partner Anton Fuhrer, I was able to climb to the top step of the podium a total of 7 times in the She+He race. Those were the best victories for me because I was able to share them with someone else.

The Allalin races and Saas Fee have a very special spirit. The course is fast and always perfectly groomed. Thundering down the panoramic slope at over 140 km/h is one of the most exciting and beautiful feelings I know. Plunging down the dark, steep, icy slope after pylon 4 and braking as little as possible takes a lot of effort. To then feel the euphoria at the finish line when you have arrived successfully and accident-free is something you can only experience at the Allalin races.

Although I've hung up my racing poles, my fingers still itch when I think about the Allalin races. There's nothing better for a racer's heart than racing down from the Mittelallalin to the sports field in Saas Fee. I wish the organizers many more successful races and the racers a good and accident-free ride at all times and the same exhilarating emotions that I was able to experience many a year.

Edi Ulmi

Long-standing participant - Ambiente Racing Team

"It's been a long, long time. Since the first edition of the Mittelallalin-Volksabfahrt in 1983, I have had the great pleasure of taking part year after year without interruption. From the very beginning, I was incredibly enthusiastic about this race, the great slopes, the impressive mountain scenery, the family resort, the loving and always friendly welcome throughout Saas-Fee. Over the years, a global family of skiers has developed, where friendship, camaraderie and conviviality are very important. Year after year, I have always looked forward to what I consider to be the most beautiful downhill run and will continue to do so for the rest of my life, even if I can no longer ski down these fantastically groomed slopes. Thanks to the Allalin races and the wonderful encounters, Saas-Fee has become a second home for me and my whole family and will remain so."

Ambros Bumann

17-year organization president

In 1948 and 1954, a downhill race was held from the summit of the Allalinhorn to the village of Saas-Fee. With the first Mittelalllalin-Volksabfahrt in 1983, an attractive public ski event was organized. The idea behind it was

  1. to offer a race-like popular downhill run
  2. to present the unique high alpine ski area more widely
  3. to liven up the resort again at the end of the winter season and thus extend the ski season.

In the meantime, we are already starting the 42nd edition on 12/13.04.2024. The Allalin Races are still the biggest annual event in Saas-Fee with the corresponding added value. We wish you continued success!

Cornel Züger

Winner 2017 & 2019

Years before my first participation in 2017, colleagues from my ski club in Altendorf tried to get me interested in taking part until they succeeded. The aim was to win the team classification for the Altendorf ski club for once. At such a historic event, the Altendorf ski club had to be on the list of winners at least once! And if you're already there, you can also compete in the individual race. Unfortunately, I crashed in the team race at the famous "Lingisch-Egg" in 2017 and so our plans came to nothing. But one day later, I was able to celebrate the best time of the day in the individual race at my first participation...
In 2018, the crew from the Altendorf ski club was once again on site at the Allalin race, with the aim of immortalizing our ski club on the list of winners this time. Unfortunately, this plan did not work out in 2018 either, as we got in our own way on the way. All good things come in threes, as the saying goes, and that's how it turned out. In 2019, we finally made it to the finish in one piece and celebrated victory in the team classification. I also managed to set the fastest time of the day for the second time, which was of course duly celebrated!
All in all, I am very grateful for my experiences at the Allalin race. It was a great event at the end of the season, which should be on every ski club's bucket list! And of course I'm not only proud that the Altendorf ski club is on the team winners' list, but also that my name is immortalized on the Alpine Express ????
Many thanks to the Allalin Race OC for organizing such a great event for skiing every year!

Fabiola Zurbriggen

Winner 1984 & 1990, ski club president

I have a special relationship with the Allalin races. My father, Arnold Andenmatten, was the first winner of the descent from Allalin down to the valley in 1946.

So it was clear to me and my sister that we would take part in the first Mittelallalin downhill race in 1983. Back then, the route to the start still led up via Längfluh on the Fee-Chatz. The remaining meters of altitude had to be tackled in a 1-hour walk. By the time we reached the top, we had almost used up all our reserves, but my sister and I still made it onto the podium.

I then started several more times and was also able to set the fastest time of the day twice in the women's race and once in the she + him race.

So I'm all the more pleased to be part of the Allalin Race OC today and to organize the event with a motivated team.

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