1. The Allalin races are held in the region between Mittelallalin (3550 m) and Saas-Fee (1800 m) and are considered the highest glacier runs in the world.
  2. The Allalin Races OC alone decides on any changes to these regulations.
  3. The course is identical to the existing pistes and will not be specially prepared.
  4. All gates on the race course must be skied through.
  5. On the glacier, the edge of the piste will be marked with barriers, flags and the like at unclear points (official route). You may only ski within the marked route. The organizer of the Allalin Races expressly declines all responsibility for accidents of any kind outside the marked course. The racer will be disqualified if they leave the official route.
  6. Participants undertake to adapt their speed to the conditions and to ski by sight. In addition, the general FIS rules apply, in particular FIS rule no. 2 (control of speed and skiing style). The instructions of the marshals with the flags must be strictly followed.
  7. The race management alone reserves the right to shorten, postpone, abandon or cancel races for safety reasons such as visibility, lack of snow, etc. Participants will be issue a valued voucher matching 50% of the entry fee for runs that are not held, exclusively during the race days at the race office. A credit voucher (also 50%) due to illness or accident will only be made on presentation of a medical certificate.
    The issued vouchers are be redeemed through our online registration portal and are valid for 5 years.
  8. The participant must adhere to the start time. The start number must be worn visibly during the entire run.
  9. Training runs on the piste are prohibited for safety reasons. Information regarding training opportunities will be posted in the race office.
  10. Helmets are compulsory for all participants and for all races.
  11. Racing suits are prohibited in the fun races (fun teams). The end of the race (finish) is set at one hour after the actual last start time. The times are measured, but only the costumes are awarded prizes.
  12. Every participant is obliged to take out accident insurance. The OC expressly rejects any liability for accidents. No daily insurance policies can be taken out through the organizer.
  13. The Allalin races (alpine and snowboard) are held in the following categories:

    She + He

    Cat. A Women and men aged 16 and over


    Cat. B1 3 to 5 participants per team aged 18 and over

    Snowboard teams Cat. B1 3 to 5 participants per team from the age of 16

    Fun teams

    Cat. B2 3 to 5 participants per team aged 16 and over

    Individual races

    Cat. C/F Ladies/Men 18-35 years

    Cat. D/G Ladies/Men 36 - 49 years

    Cat. H Men 50 - 59 years

    Cat. E Ladies aged 50 and over

    Cat. I Men aged 60 and over

    Cat. S1 Snowboard Men
    Cat. S2 Snowboard Ladies
  14. The number of participants in the Allalin races is limited:

    She + He

    300 pairs*


    180 teams alpine/30 snowboard


    1100 Alpine/100 Snowboard

    *For safety reasons, the participants in She + He in snowboard and/or in a mixed situation (Ski & Snowboard) will start after all She + He skiers.
  15. The "Allalin" badge is only awarded in the men's/women's individual races:

    All category winners


    + 30% of the ranked participants in each category


    + 60% of the ranked participants in each category

  16. Unless otherwise stipulated in these regulations, the provisions of the Swiss Competition Regulations (SWO) apply.
  17. By registering, the participant accepts the regulations and the general provisions in full.

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